Love is You

(Lagna Ray’s Poem.. Repost)

“Sometimes you ask
How much I love you

I smile
But don’t reply
For I have no words to convey
How much I do

You live with me
In my thoughts
Even if we aren’t together
I heal with laughter
Thinking about you
In my solitude

I wrap your essence
And feel complete
Inspite of our agonizing distance

How can I express
What you mean to me
I ache for you
Even in my silence

I do not look back
What I missed
I look forward to live with you
Every moment

What is love
Love is you.”


Pointless Over thinking

Over thinking something you cannot change will not change anything except the amount of anxiety you feel, and how much mental energy you use, on something you cannot improve. Pause your mind, to pause the panic.

Over thinking tends to lead to a decline on one’s mental health. When such happens, learn to do small things that bring you peace. For instance, take a shower, text a loved one, listen to music, go for a walk. Do something; anything, to drift your mind from unnecessary woes.

Being an over thinker myself I must say has had huge effects on me. Negative ones for that matter. My brain will be working on overdrive trying to find meaning and reason for every happening thing. An issue may be rendered petty or not really important but my monkey mind will have to make sense of everything and with so much energy I dig deep and end up making a mess of my mental state leaving me all wrecked.

Case in point, everything to me has to always have a basis of happening. And if I can’t quite contemplate whatever is going on, I take it upon myself to scrutinize facts and theories. Something that never leads to good results. Trust me. It’s actually draining.

So I actually came to realize my over thinking and over analyzing and worrying usually originates from fear of something and/or some obscure insecurities. This leaves me mentally drained *af*, (pardon my French) ☺. It robs me of my peace of mind. And peace of mind is priceless if one has got this.

So I have actually been reading up a few articles on how to actually deal with this issue and strategies I can deploy to do away with over thinking and regain my happiness. I happen to have read an article by Peggy Nolan who is a best selling author, podcaster and traveler. Here’s a few tips I got.

  1. Stop! – some things that I see happen make me want to cause drama and one would actually think the drama is worthy of an Oscar but truth is, it’s never worth it. Train your mind to say STOP! and ENOUGH! Switch to something peaceful.
  2. Visualization – Your mind may wander into the past and you happen to almost relive the past in the future. In the event such scenarios happen, replace what your monkey mind wants to watch with something you want to watch. Visualize a happy memory or simply allow your mind sink into its happy place. My happy place I’d say is sitting out especially in the dusk or fall of night, staring into the sky, listening to some soothing music as I hear the sound of the cool breeze greet every other thing in space.
  3. Just Breathe– Breathe in and out. Take deep breathes and just breathe.
  4. Go for A Walk– Have you some music to keep you company as you stroll around. Swing your hands, dance, move with the rhythm. Just get distracted. Enjoy nature.
  5. Engage in your favorite hobby– Over thinking produces no results and offers no solution. So switch gears and do something you enjoy and love. Read,paint,sing,knit,surf,swim,hike etc
  6. Be Present- Peggy mentions over thinking as being all about dredging up the past/or borrowing trouble from the future. I agree.

To sum it all up, the best cure is to simply be present. Be here right now! It’s all that matters. Guard your mental health, live healthy. To happiness, Cheers mates!

Share what works for you, I’d love to hear.

Little Bits of Her

“She loves him, yes,

Anyone and everyone can see that.

Something in the way she loves him,

Openly. Honestly. Deeply. Truely.

Unashamedly. Completely.

Oh yes she does!

But it’s really beyond that.

She learned to love with no absolute expectations

She makes no threats; no demands

A dire need and passion that she wishes she never has control of

Deep satisfaction and a sense of peace

Is all she yearns for.

When bound to him, all she feels is Freedom

And there’s no better feeling than this.”