“She loves him, yes,

Anyone and everyone can see that.

Something in the way she loves him,

Openly. Honestly. Deeply. Truely.

Unashamedly. Completely.

Oh yes she does!

But it’s really beyond that.

She learned to love with no absolute expectations

She makes no threats; no demands

A dire need and passion that she wishes she never has control of

Deep satisfaction and a sense of peace

Is all she yearns for.

When bound to him, all she feels is Freedom

And there’s no better feeling than this.”

39 thoughts on “Little Bits of Her

      1. “…She makes no threats; no demands…”

        If only this was true the world would have been a better place to live in. Ladies should read and act this. Otherwise good piece of poetry. Good job

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It is true Flavian. It is just unfortunate that we are all different and there are those that have ulterior motives as far as relationships and love is concerned. But when pure, true and mutual, love is just every bit of joy and best feeling one can have.
        Thank you for the compliment though ☺


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