Who Feels It Knows It

After some period of misunderstandings, with so much thought of what exactly to do and the daunting feeling of what will happen later, her love for him remains and will hopefully conquer all odds. This is what she said to him. “Since we part ways, it’s been forever but it feels like yesterday. Times have passed and things have changed. Nothing is the same anymore. I never had anyone make me feel this way and my heart surely wants to be with you. Without you I’m lost and so confused. Everyday I hope to be a part of your life because you love me and I love you. This is no delusion. We both made our mistakes but we’ll be okay if we just stick together. I’m gonna be the one that has your back and the one that’s gonna last, as well.You always spoke right to my heart because without even saying a word, you lit up the darkness in me. The touch of my hand said I’ll catch you whenever you fall, the smile on my face said I need you and the truth in my eyes always said I’ll never leave you. I’d run away when I felt vulnerable but I took the risk to stay even when it all wasn’t crystal clear and heaven knows I tried, too.Let’s reconcile, put the past behind us, ey? I love the way you make me feel and everything feels so real because you are all I need. My heart is open for you and room made for you. I’m thankful because you are such a blessing. This is probably some cliché but truth is, I can’t stop thinking about you. It’s definitely going to take a lot to drive me away from you; I’d fight for you. I know you feel the same way.We have our flaws and they’re a part of us, let’s be us, no camouflage. If you find someone who means so much to you, you simply fall. And I mean fall in love. In this case you are that “someone” and there’s no safer place than in your embrace. Let’s make merry in our own extravaganza. ”
With Love, More Love and For Love!