Tuesday Woes

This morning, I woke up different. I didn’t quite feel like going to work because it has been a routine that hasn’t been fun at all. So I look at myself in the mirror all ready and dressed up for the day but this day didn’t quite seem interesting. Not a single bit! It is not because I don’t fancy working but the thing is, the particular kind of work I am doing has not been all that thrilling. I had mixed feelings and I was so ready to quit my job having woken up with that mindset.

On my way to the office, all I had been thinking of was how exactly I would go about my quitting. Sitting in traffic and watching the fleet of vehicles that plied different lanes of the road, my mind so lost and wandering in thoughts that were so vague to me and not knowing exactly what to do with the day that has just began with a melancholic mood, I was confused by what I wanted on this day.

I got to work, twenty-seven minutes late due to the traffic but of course who would want to buy that for an excuse of lateness? Definitely no one. Walked over to my desk to start on the day’s tasks and my welcome was an email from the supervisor warning me of lateness. Just how bad could the day have began! I wondered. Being all moody, I tried not to let my moods get the best of me so I embarked on my duties.

This whole idea of quitting has been a stressful action to ponder. I had to find someone to talk to about all this negative energy that was emanating from within and externally as well. It felt like getting bitten by a snake and you needed to extract the poison out of your body.

This time round I felt so convinced and had a strong urge to throw in the towel but then my friend talked to me for a while and I am still pondering on the thought of hanging in there because of this day’s situation that made me feel like I should bounce out. Of course there’s bound to be some negative actions that may result from my decision to quit and truth be told, I am not sure I can handle it.

It could be true that grass isn’t always greener on the other side and I want to try and water it here where I am and see what happens. So then I tell myself that I should not over think lest I have a decision paralysis because my brain has been tirelessly working overdrive.

Well, there is still lots to put into consideration before then when I am fully sure about executing my plan and decision before I jump ship. Insight, wisdom and endurance is what is vital for me right now. I would really appreciate some counsel because I am still in a state of war in my mind.

All advice is highly welcome and will be appreciated to the latter. 
Help a sister make the right call.
Thanking you in advance. 🙂
Seeing Life Through a Different Lens perhaps is what I need.

Alex’s Funeral Program.

What other way to look at life than from this perspective? I totally identity with Alex.

Dr Ras Kenya

He who is not busy being born is busy dying.

Bob Dylan

It’s funny how Alex died. Don’t get me wrong he did not lose his life, he simply died a monotonous, cliche and stale death just like the zombie sitting next to you.

The somber hymns ” Wamlambez” and “Pekejeng” Sailed through the air as the woman next to his body cried. Her tears came through her mouth in a mixture of something that contains 40% alcohol with food platelets. She was in the process of dying too.

Alex’s death was gradual and highly unnoticeable to the naked eye. He wore his face like make up: his charm was his foundation and sarcasm his concealer while using stories of fictional characters as ponds.

His bottled up emotions and feelings started to ferment in his chest sending toxins through out his body eating him up like a cancer on gear…

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The Fear of the Unknown

There is just this extreme form of fear of the unknown. For a while now I have been experiencing this particular kind of fear. And it is a scary one. So I happened to read an article by Kathryn Sandford who is a life coach passionate about supporting others to grow and thrive in this complex world, and I found the read quite interesting since it was all about what I have been going through myself; Fear of The Unknown. I learned a few hacks from her article and thought it best to share them out on this post. I believe there’s more people like me out there who are/have been fearful and I really do hope that you can grasp a thing or two from this post.

The fear of the unknown can be hard to describe because all the thoughts around this fear are in your head. And it is definitely based on negative feelings. Otherwise there wouldn’t be any fear to begin with if one had positive feelings. The negative feelings create mental blocks and have a detrimental impact on one’s life. Be that as it may, it varies from person to person on how bad the impact could be.

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not the one who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear”

Nelson Mandela

This is definitely something that has been eating me up and trying to live life to my fullest potential and facing my unknown fear head-on. Someone once told me that to overcome and conquer my fear of the unknown, I have to be committed to making changes within myself. Not easy, but definitely not impossible! There are a few ways I came across Kathryn’s article to overcome fear of the unknown:

  • Understand your fear- Accept that you have fearful thoughts but do not let them paralyze your life.
  • Find the cause of your fear- The fear of the unknown is made up of thoughts and beliefs that result from negative experiences. I personally discovered, just recently, that I don’t take failure very well and from the common clichĂ© “Human is to error”, I got hurt deeply that making right the wrong I did scared me because of the very fear of having to fail again. So once you identify the cause of your fear, brainstorm on ways to minimize risk and ways to cope with hurdles you may face.
  • Accept failure as an option- If you can’t accept that fear is an option then you will be convinced to stay in your comfort zone. This is so true you know! One has to be willing to step out of the comfort zone. Take away the idea of failure and use the set-backs as experience to draw lessons from. There will definitely be a positive outcome at the end of the journey. Trust the process.

“The guy who takes a chance, who walks the line between the known and unknown, who is unafraid of failure, will succeed.”

Gordon Parks
  • Embrace change- Change is the one thing that is constant in our lives. The more we resist change the more it becomes persistent. Open up to change and you will be resilient and courageous.

Fear of the unknown is created by our minds and self-limiting beliefs that are held in our minds. For some of us, these thoughts have been existing since time immemorial and have had a huge influence on how we live our lives. These thoughts won’t go away overnight and it takes commitment and hard work to retain your mind so that you can have peace and manage the noise of thoughts in your mind. Mindfulness is one of the best strategies to manage an overworked and busy mind.

“To make the right decisions and choices in life, you have to get in touch with your soul. To do so, you need to experience solitude, which most people are afraid of because in the silence you hear the truth and know the solutions.”

Deepak Chopra

Bottom Line: To live your dreams and embrace life, you have to be fearless and willing to step in to the unknown. There is no other way of living your life to your fullest potential.


His friendly demeanor got me thinking otherwise of him. I told myself that I was not going to put the cart before the horse and in so doing, I decided to let nature take its course. Before then, he approached me differently and the few minutes I was in his presence, I had made a conclusion about him. He must have been quite a puzzle to solve! As the adage goes, “never judge a book by it’s cover,” started to make a whole lot of sense just after my interaction with the lad. This is so, because it is not often that what you see is what you get, Ah-ah! The opposite applies as well and shock on you, it does reveal a lot and one will probably stand corrected.

I then developed this sudden interest to get to know more of him. What he’s like, what he does for a living and his life in general. What struck me most was how he talked, the look in his eyes was mesmerizing; they had some sparkle that just lit up the area around. I watched his every move and boom! I just realized I had been checking him out all this while he was within five hundred meters radius from me.

This was the day it all began. Our mysterious liking for each other. It’s funny how feelings can escalate really fast that you hardly realize it yourself, and it only takes time before it actually dawns on you that there’s more than just mere liking for one another. It was all compliment after compliment, as we made very interesting discoveries about each other. We happened to share quite a lot of similarities and the feeling was way beyond awesome.

Our friendship then grew and took a different turn and advanced to a level that seemed quite scary then because it didn’t take long before either of us could admit to having being greatly affected by the presence of the other: And either one of our absence made the heart grow fonder of the other. We shared quite a lot and I’d be dumbfounded most times because I was just amazed by this particular creature on God’s green earth. I was smitten.

Image result for love

The thought of how this guy made me feel was just out of the planet! He made me feel alive, he gave meaning to “LOVE” that never seemed to be true anymore to me and he made me feel like the special being I was born to be. He gave me reason to believe in love again and that it truly exists. My face would light up every moment we shared and spent together and I would glow differently. I was startled by him and there are just times he made me speechless and my whole body felt frail in his presence. I liked him, I loved him. There was surely no doubt about that! And that is how a smitten lass found her way to the heart of a smitten lad and their journey in love was just that which every other being would desire to have; blissful.

Do Simple, Be Simple

The question I have decided to pose to myself (paraphrasing Heather Small’s lyrics) is, “What have you done today to make you feel good, to make you feel proud? ” This is my challenge.

Is there anything better than feeling that you’ve done a good job and recognising that fact yourself? It doesn’t need to be anything grand; simple gestures sometimes have the biggest rewards. Change yourself, and you will see the ripple effect in those around you.

Take each day as it comes, with its joys and stresses moving with the rhythm of life, and embrace each day individually. This is something I too, I’m trying to learn to do. I have been pondering a lot on my life generally and my relationship with people around me.

Let go of Monday blues, swim through Tuesdays and don’t let Wednesday rain into Thursday’s parade. Then take it easy on Friday, unwind on Saturdays and give thanks on Sundays.

Quit blaming your woes on the world and take the control you need in to your hands. After all, life is yours and no one is responsible for it but you. Step out of the ordinary and be the amazing person you were made to be. If you don’t try doing something different, or taking a leap of faith to face the challenges you’ve been avoiding, how will you know where your destiny lies?

What would you do each day that would make you feel more accomplished, and not just in your work, but in your life? Let this time be one of full chances taken, differences made and daily extraordinary things. Be simple, start small, grow big and make a change. Here’s to self challenge and new beginnings!

As always, my mantra, Simplicity!